Monday, April 25, 2011

The Inner Workings of a Less-active Blogger Mind

I realize my posts have been few and short lately. And like any good “less active blogger,” I tuck the kids into bed every night, do the dishes (not really – actually, I make myself a chocolate milkshake) and think, “I really ought to catch up on the blog.”


(Devil Blogger appears on one shoulder): But so much has happened since you posted anything substantial – how can you even know where to start?

(Angel Blogger vies for equal attention): How about Easter. It was yesterday. You still remember Easter.

Me: Yes, I should definitely post about our traditional Passover dinner, and how we remember and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

D.B.: But what about chronological order? Shouldn’t you post about Isaac’s birthday first? It was on Saturday. You can’t just skip around in time like that.

Me: True… I certainly can’t neglect Isaac. And his airplane cake. And the fact that he is SEVEN!

A.B.: Great! Now you’re getting somewhere.

D.B.: You know, this wouldn't be so hard if you would just keep up. Good grief, how hard is it to post a couple of photos and write a paragraph now and then?

Me: Do you have kids?

D.B.: Nope, no little devils here. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Me: You have no idea. Get off my back - uh... shoulder.

A.B.: You tell him.

Me: Okay, where was I...? Looking at Isaac reminds me that he is playing soccer this season. He’s never played a sport before – this is a big deal. Oh, and I have to include how he scored the first goal of the season!!

A.B.: Hooray for Isaac!

Me: That reminds me – Jacob had an exciting month too. He won second place in the Pinewood Derby with his car “Firebolt 89.” What a night that was!

D.B.: Wait a minute. You’ve forgotten something. Isaac wasn’t the only one with a birthday.

Me: Yikes, am I really THAT behind? You’re right. Grace turned FOUR in February! And she reminds us of that fact multiple times a day.

D.B.: And…??? (Jeopardy music playing ominously)

Me: I know, I know… I really ought to mention how Marty lost his job three days after Christmas, but it was truly a blessing because there were a lot of things we abhorred about that job, and it gave him the time to make arrangements for his mother to move here from Maryland, and we found an apartment and furnished and decorated it from scratch,

and Marty flew out East for ten days, and in February when he got back he got the perfect job and he’s so much happier, AND it was definitely Divine timing because our new health insurance started EXACTLY 62 days after the old one ended, thereby enabling us to keep continuing coverage and….

D.B.: Snore… Nobody’s going to want to read all that.

Me: Did I ask for your opinion? Get out of here.

So you see why I haven’t posted much? It’s just too overwhelming.

I’d better go. My milkshake is melting.