Friday, June 12, 2009

Jesus Loves Grace

Lately, I've had the privilege of watching Grace's spiritual side blossom. She has really enjoyed family scripture study for the past few months. She got so excited when we read the book of Alma - she misunderstood and thought we were reading the book of Elmo. :)

She is also learning how to behave during Sacrament Meeting. When the sacrament is passed, she can be heard repeating softly to herself: "Jesus loves Grace." Sometimes she sings Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, producing giggles in the row in front of us. Last week she got a little rowdy, and I gently encouraged her to quiet down. She looked me in the eye and said "Shh. Is a quiet time, Mommy."

Grace is very particular about what I play on the piano now. Every time I try to practice the choir songs I need to learn, she stands next to me shouting I Am a Child of God!!! until I play it for her. (All three verses.) She'll often sing along.

This week, she took her first turn at family prayer. She actually asked us if she could say it. Barely audible, she repeated each sentence I said: "Thank Thee for scriptures.... Thank Thee for a prophet.... Please bless us to be safe...." She was so very proud of herself. A priceless moment.


rachel said...

How sweet is this!! I love it...the book of ELMO :) CC loves to say prayers too, but will whisper them and then shout AMEN!! She has also taken to shouting AMEN in the middle of pretty much ANYONE'S prayers when she's had enough...which is anytime, anywhere :)

Jennifer said...

Wow!! So that is what I get when I don't check your blog in forever--your pregnant!! Sorry I know this is on Gracie's post but I just had to say Congratulations. Hopefully they are right this time but at least you already have girl clothes if your boy turns out to be a girl. :)

Andelin said...

Here's more evidence that boys and girls are DIFFERENT!!!! She's getting so grown up! I can't believe it.

Call me! :)