Monday, November 9, 2009

Signs That It's Monday

It's almost 2:00 in the afternoon and I haven't had an opportunity to shower yet.

I paid the bills this morning, only to discover that I had put a 42-cent stamp on every letter I've sent in the past two weeks. So if you didn't get your thank-you card yet, that is why. Ugh.

Grace's Fisher-Price minivan is stuck repeating "Potty...potty...potty...potty...."

A headline on the front page of today's newspaper reads "Germany celebrates fall of Berlin Wall." Except I read "German celebrities fall off Berlin Wall." Really, I was close.

The kids are fighting over who gets to put stuff away. Yes, gets to.

My afternoon plans consist of making cherry cheesecake for FHE tonight, and trying to come up with a lesson addressing one of the kids' many behavioral problems without making it sound like said lesson is actually aimed at them.

I'm blogging instead of doing the dishes.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Wu Roscheck said...

That cracks me up! Blogging is so much more fun than doing the dishes!

Tyler and Sheree said...

Lol! I did the dishes and my hands are so dry that they are cracking everywhere. . . so I think you are better off to NOT do the dishes!

Andelin said...

If it's just your mondays that are like that, I'd say you're doing pretty well! I went 2 days and 3nights without a shower this week...and that's without a newborn baby! So 2:00 isn't so bad. As long as the kids are happy and fed, your work is done!

Tiffany said...

Its only problematic if you were having the same posts about a group of 25-65 year olds - oh wait, that was my Monday on Wednesday today!

Anyway... Fun to see your updates and to see how much your kids are like you! Wont it be fun when I can tell them stories about fudgsicles and fish with lemon? :o)