Friday, December 4, 2009

Message from the Elf

As I mentioned a few days ago, Mr. Peeps has come to our house to stay with us until Christmas. Each night, while the children are sleeping, he moves to a new location. Each morning, it is great fun to search the house and find him. The children all love this game.

Well, a couple days ago, Mr. Peeps forgot to move. He showed up this morning with the following note:

Dear Taylor children,

I apologize for sleeping
Its different for an elf
By four-hundrend twelve years old I’m tired
even sitting on a shelf.

But I have this little secret
I thought you’d want to know
I borrowed your Dad’s camera
To get your video.

So if you have been good
Or if you’ve been a goof
I’ll have it here on tape
And show Santa all the proof.

So eat all of your vegetables
And be good and kind
And keep the Christ in Christmas
Always on your mind.

Parley E. Peeps, Elf

{penned by my very clever husband - but don't tell the kids}



this is such a cute idea...I may have to steal it.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

You're a genius. I think I'm going to leave notes from elves all over the place whenever there's a need for them. Yes. Yes. Yes!

Pamela said...

That is one CLEVER elf!! I think he may start showing up in lots of homes next (or maybe even this) year.

nikki said...

what a fun idea

rachel said...

Your hubby is a great poet! I just read your birthday post. Happy Birthday late. You are the same month and year as my brother David. Do you remember him? Beautifully written, by the way.

Wu Roscheck said...

I bet the kids just couldn't stand the excitement!