Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Leadership Education

From time to time I receive questions about what curriculum or "school of thought" we use for homeschooling, so here you go. We are implementing Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd), also known as Leadership Education in our home. It is not a set curriculum, but rather a philosophy - a set of principles which we follow. It is based on the Seven Keys of great teaching:

1. Classics, not Textbooks

2. Mentors, not Professors

3. Inspire, not Require

4. Structure Time, not Content

5. Simplicity, not Complexity

6. Quality, not Conformity

7. You, not Them

Some of my favorite things about this method are: There is a strong focus on teaching values and building character in our children, not just pouring information into them. It respects the age of each child and the developmental stage he/she is in. It creates a love of learning and a taste for things which are "virtuous, lovely, of good report, [and] praiseworthy." It does not push or force. (We have had NO tears or tantrums over schoolwork.) It lets children be children. There is an emphasis on learning from the real world - nature, the lives of truly great people in history, working alongside parents, service experiences, relationships, etc. Children are free to learn and grow at their own pace and according to their own inborn talents and interests. It is inspiring (for me as well as the children!) It dovetails perfectly with gospel truths. I could go on.... Studying and applying these principles with the guidance of the Spirit has done incredible things for our family.

If you are interested in learning more about TJEd, you can go to http://www.tjed.org/.


cmoe said...

I checked out the website and was impressed. I use the mentor philosophy with my painting students, as they are to find several painters who inspire them. Sadly, in Utah's "stack 'em deep and teach 'em cheap" mentality, much of this isn't possible in the public system the way it is.

mk said...

My baby isn't old enough for school yet, but I think about homeschooling and talk with my girlfriends about it a lot. I'm excited to check out your website, thanks for sharing! :)