Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer: Check

Remember the Summer Checklist I wrote in June? We checked off 18 out of 24 items. And here are the photos to prove it.

(We accidently found a geochache on the same outing.)

Nothing says summer like backyard sprinklers.

Fireworks for the Fourth.

Jacob eating a hot dog during our backyard campout.

The boys listening while I read them ghost stories in the tent.
Notice Jacob's "I'm scared" face - totally faked for the camera.

Cute baby - not on the list, but how could I resist?

Our first trip to the splashpad.

Just playing at Grandpa's house.

The boys washing the mud out of their shoes after picking peas.

Reading "The Wizard of Oz" in the backyard.

Grace and Aunt Constance at the zoo.

Abram, also at the zoo.

Our second trip to the splashpad. Abram was beginning to warm up to the water.

Grace turned into a water-baby overnight.

Snowcones in the park.

We found some fantastic swimming teachers this summer, and both of the boys took lessons. I couldn't believe my eyes when both boys jumped off the diving board after only six lessons.

Abram meets a goat. The goat appeared equally curious.

Grace rode a pony at the Fair! I really thought she would chicken out once she got up there, but I was wrong. She still talks about it constantly. I don't know how I ended up with a horse girl - I've always been afraid of them.

Well, except for this kind. :)

Best. Summer. Ever.

What? It's over???


rachel said...

I think I forgot I even had a blog this summer. I didn't remember that it was May since I last checked blogs or wrote a word. Sad. I saw on some of the comments that you are homeschooling. WAY TO GO!! I home schooled Conner for his first grade year and it was the most rewarding experience of my life as well as the hardest. If you don't mind me asking what curriculum are you using? Anyway, thanks for sharing all the pics. It's fun to see what you and your cute family are up to. I hope you are doing well!!

Tyler and Sheree said...

I can't believe your baby is one. They grow up so darn fast. Looks like you had a fun summer!

Brittany Roscheck said...

That last picture is too much! Wish we could have been down for more of it. By the way, I think we will be coming down in the middle of October for a little weekend visit! I'm sure we will all get together!