Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monsters on the Moon (A Fairy Tale)

{my version of Enkidu, half-man half-beast}

After reading the Epic of Gilgamesh, we drew our own mythical characters, and wrote a fairy tale starring them. This process produced lots of giggles in all of us. For your reading pleasure (or, you've been warned):

Monsters on the Moon
by Jacob, Isaac & Mom

Once upon a time, there were two monsters, Shozi and Enkidu. They were half-man and half-beast. They had many adventures together. One day they went to the moon in a monster ship. Their purpose was to take over the moon and destroy the aliens. When they arrived, they met a green, four-eyed alien named Eltenor. The alien was frightened. It spit tar at the invaders in self-defense, and stuck them to a big crater. What will the monsters do now?!

All of a sudden, a meteor hit the moon. It happened to land directly on the alien, smashing him to bits. The meteor was followed by a meteor SHOWER, which washed the tar off of the monsters. (That was lucky.) Now, back to the aliens. There were lots more of them.

The aliens were colored red or green, with black stripes and three eyes. They were furious at the death of their leader. They all cried together, “War on the monsters!!” Organizing their troops, they strapped on their laser guns and rolled out their meteor cannons. The monsters were starting to feel a little intimidated. “I think we’d better get out of here,” Enkidu said. Meanwhile, the aliens pulled out the instruction manuals for their cannons. (They were brand new from Moonmart, and the aliens had never actually fired them before.) Seizing the opportunity, the monsters grabbed the manuals and stuffed them into the cannons. The aliens fired, and the giant paper cannonballs caught fire, killing ten aliens. (That was unfortunate for the aliens.)

Plan B. The aliens fetched their moon buggies, in case a quick escape became necessary. They aimed their laser guns, and fired at the monsters. The monsters activated their force fields, which caused the lasers to ricochet back to the moon buggies, resulting in a giant explosion. The aliens were running out of options (and aliens.)

Plan C. The only thing left to do was escape! The few remaining moon natives retreated to their garages to retrieve their rocketships. Firing up the ignitions, they took off into outer space, hoping to start a new life as Martians. (It wouldn’t be easy – they were ILLEGAL aliens, after all.)

Meanwhile, back at the moon, the monsters planted their flag in the soil. They took a celebratory moonwalk, and radioed back to Houston. Mission accomplished, they headed back to earth, where they were hailed as heroes and awarded a lifetime supply of Moon Pies. They lived happily ever after. Well, at least until their next dangerous adventure….


Brittany Roscheck said...

So funny! I love the picture.

proud parents said...

I'm giggling too. :)

rachel said...

AWESOME! What a great story. I especially love the names. I think you should get it bound and it could be on the kids shelf as their first published work. :) It looks like you are having so much fun! And the pic of the kids picking out artifacts and being even more interested in trash made me laugh. Conner and his friends are obsessed with anything they find in our gravel. Conner found what looked like a broken pot and was convinced it was discolored because he had discovered something ancient!

nikki said...

very fun -- I agree with Rachel, make a nice copy or have the kids make a nice copy, and put it in their portfolios.

I read the Odyssey and then told it to the kids (I thought it a little gory to read to a 4 and 6 year old)
But they loved it and drew stories of it for a week. I will look at the Epic of Gilgamesh now.