Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Summer To Do List

Buy a funnel cake

Read The Lonesome Gods

Complete the temple work for my great-grandmother

Bike the greenbelt

Enter a piece of artwork into the County Fair

Go letterboxing

Walk on the beach

Read a great book to the children outside

Memorize the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling

Take a road trip

Learn to cook a new dish

Plan curriculum for next school year

Make homemade ice cream

Keep a journal

Spend a morning at the farmer's market

Play in the fountains at S. Park

Watch fireworks

Work in the orchard

Learn the theme song from "Pride and Prejudice" on the piano

Hike in the mountains

Photograph a meteor shower

Hold my newborn nieces

Watch "Anne of Green Gables"

Draw a portrait of Grace

Eat smores

Visit Temple Square

Finish reading Plato's Republic

Give the boys a weekly cooking lesson

Have a picnic in the backyard with friends

Anybody want to join me??



we'll be at temple square in late can come with is.

Constance said...

I especially like the one on your list were you hold your new nieces! You'll have 3 this year to hold. We can't wait to see you guys! I would love to join you for a picnic! We can do it with Mike and Brittany in Provo Canyon when you come down. Good idea?


Matt and Monae Curtis said...

I LOVE your summer list :0)You are so talented!!