Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Tribute

Happy Father's Day to the man who:

changes dirty diapers

fixes the telephone, washer, dryer, car, and pretty much everything else

makes dinner every Sunday (except today)

takes the boys fishing even though all they hook is each other

reads stories to Grace every night before bed

works hard so Mom can be home with the kids

sings to Abram when he puts him to bed at night

puts chains back on bikes

mows the lawn, trims the trees, and plants the garden

has a bag of peanut M&Ms in his "office" (car) at all times

loves classic cars, the outdoors, and a good steak

is diligently trying to learn how to do his daughter's hair

plays Uno, Phase 10, and Risk with the kids and is a good sport when he loses

leads family prayer and scripture study every day

takes a child with him when he runs errands, goes home teaching, or does a service project

plays soccer with the boys in the backyard

...and a thousand other things.

I love you, Marty!

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