Friday, September 26, 2008


There are many unusual things about our Isaac. For one, he loves to clean. And he does a more thorough job than most of us. (You should see him fold laundry - he's a professional.) He is our designated fly-swatter. He wears shorts and a T-shirt when it's forty degrees outside. He has a perfect (and left-handed) golf swing. He is very partial to Dr. Seuss books. He cares for all the worms and roly-polies in the neighborhood, dutifully moving them back to the grass when they stray too far. He has a natural gift for sensitivity and charity. If I give him a treat in the afternoon, he asks me if he can wait until Jacob gets home from school and share it with him. He can read The Very Hungry Caterpillar all by himself. He loves to play Candyland, and beats me every time. He is extremely patient (for a 4-year-old.) His favorite song is I am a Child of God. He sucks his tongue in his sleep. And he wags it back and forth when he colors. It keeps time to the rhythm of his coloring - faster when he scribbles, and slower when he's trying to stay within the lines.

I love you, Boo. And all of your little quirks.

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Wu said...

I feel like I can actually get to know my nephews and niece when you post about them! Hooray! Boo truly is one of a kind. Much loves from his Aunt Brittany.