Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Trilogy

Somehow, birthdays always get stretched to three days or longer around here. The festivities began Friday night, when we took the kids and Jacob's chosen friend to Chuck E. Cheese (proof that I truly love you, Jacob.) Two hours of children screaming, dancing robotic animals, mediocre pizza (definitely an overstatement,) and trading tokens for tickets. Apparently, at this age, the games are just a means to an end. The goal is to collect as many tickets as possible so that you can leave with as many Airheads and tootsie rolls as possible, because you know that your mother would never let you have that much candy if it weren't your birthday. Anyhow, we all survived and are looking forward to many Chuck E. Cheese-free months, if not years. (I did beat Marty at skee-ball though. Let it be written.)

On Saturday, we all drove to the Air Force Base for the much-anticipated air show. (Okay, technically this was not for Jacob's birthday - it was more of a present for Marty.) It was a gorgeous day, and we actually ran into several people from our ward there. (Nothing like a free, family-friendly event to draw the Mormon crowd!) Our favorite act was the jets - F15s, I think - you'll have to ask Marty for specifics. We saw many spectacular demonstrations, including the dropping of real munitions, and a terrific sky-diving show (not at the same time.) We also got to tour a C130 that, ironically, was named Christine. Just before we left, the Thunderbirds flew in to practice for the next day's show. What a treat it is to see them! Their low flyover was timed perfectly, as I had just warned Grace to stay with me and she was running away with a mischievous glance over her shoulder. I've never seen her U-turn so quickly. (Sorry, no pics of the air show. My camera is taking an extended vacation at the Nikon repair shop in El Segundo. Not happy about this.)

Finally, the actual birthday arrived. On Sunday, we had the family over for dinner and cake.

And presents, of course. This was the Year of the Hot Wheel and the Lego.

Jacob remembered the backhoe cake I had made for Isaac's birthday (copied from Family Fun,) and requested a race car cake, thus carrying on the Hot Wheels theme. Check out the spoiler! Marty did the paint job, um, decorating. Awesome, huh?

Our version of partying - we're such rowdies, you know.

Isaac and Uncle Danny share a special bond. And I think it has something to do with the goatee.

And with this magical moment, you are officially seven, Jacob. At least according to Isaac, who is convinced it is the cake that makes you one year older.

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