Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome Home...and Goodbye

After a two-week vacation in California, my camera finally made it home last week. It was a very joyful reunion! Unfortunately, after only 25 exposures, it decided it needed a return trip to the Golden State. Meaning, Nikon didn't fix it right the first time. So, sadly, I am once again without my favorite inanimate companion. Thankfully, Dad was kind enough to lend me his D70 for a photo shoot I had agreed to do for some friends. And for capturing Jacob's birthday festivities... and random shots like this

and these:

Please come home soon, Camera (needs a name, don't you think? Suggestions?) I miss you!


paintermoe said...

I named mine Snappy. . .

Tiffany said...

Clicker is also a happy camera name... or Shutter-bug... or Bugsy (although given its recent runs to the repair store.. probably shouldn't give it any ideas).