Monday, December 8, 2008

Come What May

This is what happened: Marty went in to work early this morning to learn that, due to the state of the economy, his job is being cut back to part-time. Meaning he will be looking for PRN work or another job.

This is what we did about it:

{Dancing to the Wiggles Christmas CD}

Because you can't worry all the time.

As Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin said in his last General Conference address (on the subject of adversity,)

"Come what may, and love it."


rachel said...

Good for you!!! We just went through this and the blessings are tremendous- God bless!

rachel said...

Ok I am following yours now :)

Let's see...blessings during job loss:

Our year supply finally (due to someone leaving the country and needing someone to take it for them- I am not kidding!)
Hubby having new opportunities for a start up co. on the side and a consulting client for extra $ that wouldn't have happened if he had still had his old job
We'd been through job loss before so it wasn't new for us, but the increased spirit within the family is always humbles you that's for sure and blesses you with gratitude, patience, forbearance, wow you name it (whether you want to flex those muscular attributes is the question- I had to be talked into it a lot :D ) It's not easy, which is why I admire your attitude- let me know if you need anything or just to talk to someone whose been through this a few times- I wish you guys all the best!