Friday, December 19, 2008


I finally got around to making an advent calendar this year. (Never mind that I didn't finish it until December 8th or so.) On each day is written some small activity for us to do. They range from "decorate gingerbread house" to "sing your favorite Christmas song" to "read stories about Jesus from the Bible." The kids have great fun every morning checking to see what the activity of the day will be. Isaac's reading skills have really improved in the process.

Some highlights so far:

Our annual drive around town to see the lights.

Jacob and Isaac putting the finishing touches on the roof.

A visit to Santa. (The REAL Santa - I'd bet my life on it.)

The boys each got to tell Santa their Christmas wish. Isaac wished for 100 cars (he likes round numbers) and Jacob wished for a basketball and a football (to replace the one he kept throwing over the fence until it disappeared.) In a quiet, somewhat secretive voice, Santa said to the boys: "You know, I probably shouldn't tell you this, but your house is one of my first stops on Christmas Eve. So would you do me something for me? Would you go to bed just a little bit early on Christmas Eve?" And the boys, eyes wide, nodded. Mom and Dad love Santa.

This is Santa's house. There is a helicopter on the roof.

Hot chocolate...

...and marshmallows. Grace calls them "yellows."

I can't wait to see what today brings.

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rachel said...

See your Santa is the REAL Santa. My friend's Santa listened to all her kids requests and said no problem to EVERY SINGLE THING no matter what they asked for. I love that Santa asked them to go to bed early. I need to use our advent calendar next year. Yours turned out so cute!