Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Little Light Reading

As you may remember, Isaac recently taught himself how to read. And now he will not stop. He reads every street sign we pass in the car. He reads nutrition labels on cereal boxes and yogurt containers. He reads the fine print at the bottom of TV commercials. Today he read me the instructions on a cake mix box as I made his birthday cake. Often it is difficult to get him to put a book down and come to dinner. Frankly, his skill level is starting to amaze us. He reads everything from Dr. Seuss to Arnold Lobel to the New Testament. He even reads my friends' blogs over my shoulder. The other day, I caught him curled up on the family room couch, engrossed in this:

The chapter he was reading details "How to Grill a Whole Lamb." And he was truly fascinated.

I think we're going to have to make more frequent trips to the library.

P.S. Yesterday I registered Isaac for kindergarten. One of the teachers took him aside to test him on a few basics, to make sure he is "qualified" for kindergarten. (I don't remember taking an entrance exam when I was 4. College prep starts so early these days.) I overheard the teacher ask him if he could name any of the letters of the alphabet that were written on a paper in front of him. He he. Yes, he could. And would she by chance like to know how to grill a whole lamb?


rachel said...

I love this!! I am telling you our boys need to play. Any child who would read how to grill a whole lamb needs to spend time with the child who reads the 2009 Road Atlas...priceless! And happy birthday to your son :)

paintermoe said...

What a great guy! If I were you I'd get him skipped to first grade. He's too smart for kids who are just learning their letters. There are tests they can give him (verbal and very quick) to prove that he's reading. Trust me, you'll have to prove it. They'll say he's just memorized books you've read to him.

jadell said...

how fun! Isn't kindergarten registration wonderful? :) That is so cute he is that good!

Wu said...

How funny! I love that he has such a love for learning and life. I could defiantly learn a thing or two from Isaac I am sure. Hope his birthday was great! We wish we were there.

Andelin said...

Whenever I need a good, wholesome laugh, I know just where to come! :)

Have you looked into charter schools? Public school just doesn't cut it for kids like him.