Friday, November 7, 2008


It's official. Isaac can read. Not the kind of "reading" where I've read him a book thirty times and he can recite it back verbatim. The kind where he picked up a book this morning that was completely new to him, opened it up, and started reading: We will follow that bee... We will follow that bee to his honey tree.

Either he has acquired this skill through osmosis, or Jacob has been teaching him behind our backs. Perhaps a little bit of both.

This new-found ability was a revelation to Isaac himself. He read sentence after sentence, excitement (and volume) escalating. Then he said, "Mom, I can read! I can't believe I've already learned something new!!"

And Mommy is so proud.

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jadell said...

and he is how old??? !! Way to go proud mommy! Knowing you as I do, I think he is taking after his oh-so-smart mommy! :)

Fun!! :) Sirah