Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Sign...

...that Jacob is growing up.

At 8:00 tonight, the phone rang. Marty answered. "Sure, just a minute," he said, heading in my direction, and I reached for the phone.

"Jacob, it's for you."

It was his best friend (this week) Tyson.
They chatted for a few minutes, and Jacob wrote down Tyson's phone number.

Then, "I might hang up now. My mom and dad are waiting for me.... Okay, bye."

"Since when does Jacob get phone calls?" I asked Marty.

He just shrugged.

Jacob grinned. I think he grew two inches tonight.


Wu said...

Haha. This one made me laugh. Especially that you took pictures of the event. I don't think I will as good at picturing our lives. Mike and I haven't taken a picture together since Taiwan. I should get in the habit before we have a little one though. Miss you all.

Tiffany said...

He is his mother's son....