Saturday, November 15, 2008


{Photo by Isaac. That's right, Isaac.}

Grace is 21 months old today. And this is her life right now:

*She is definitely a girlie-girl and loves to dress up and have her hair brushed.

*You wouldn't know it, but I've cut her hair four times already.

*She can say several dozen words more or less clearly, depending on whom you ask. Her latest are raisins, cookie, airplane, see ya, shoes, door, and stinky. (She learned the word door after hearing me shout it at the boys all summer when they left it open.)

*I cannot take her into the shoe department of any store and expect to walk out again without her loud protests. She is obsessed.

*She barks like a dog and meows like a cat. And she thinks every large animal is a goat and says "maaa, maaa!"

*She loves birds, especially ducks, and points them out emphatically everywhere we go.

*She can sing her ABC's (with a lot of help.)

*She loves to fetch things for me, and throw things in the trash.

*She sleeps with Funshine Carebear.

*She is completely enthralled with books. She would sit and read with me all day if she could.

*She really enjoys dancing with her daddy.

*She unloads the pantry shelves almost every day.

*She won't go anywhere without blankie.

*She is morphing into a toddler and screams full-force when she doesn't get her way.

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jadell said...

and to think she was supposed to be a boy! :) What a beautiful little blessing you have! :) Enjoy today.