Friday, April 24, 2009

Mom, Am I Five Now?

...asked Isaac yesterday morning, almost in a whisper. "Yes, you are," I answered. "Okay," he grinned.

We celebrated with Grandma, Uncle Danny and Uncle David a day early, as everyone's schedules allowed. Uncle Danny brought his puppy Abby, which provided all the entertainment one could want. We ate homemade burgers, potato salad, watermelon, strawberry Jell-o... and a fire engine cake to top it all off.

The cake really ought be a post in itself. Isaac helped me decorate it. Delightful child - he barely cared that the frosting turned out pink (did you know that you can add an infinite amount of red food coloring to frosting, and it will never turn red??) Or that the cab kept sliding off the front of the cake and eventually had to be held on by a paper plate. Or that one whole side of the cake imploded and consequently the fire truck looked like it had been totaled in a wreck.

He was just happy that he got to help. He made the ladder on top all by himself.

I found out later why the decorating process was so laborious and time-consuming. It turns out I was making one of those reversible cakes. My brother pointed out that the reverse side of the fire engine bore a remarkable resemblance to a hippopotamous.

Yesterday (his actual birthday,) Isaac waited impatiently for Daddy to get home from work so he could open his presents. We played several games of Uno and watched a movie to pass the time. He was literally counting down the minutes toward the end. "How many minutes now, Mom? many now?!"

After dinner of Isaac's choice - ravioli and French bread - we took all the children on a surprise outing to the local Rec Center for rock climbing and swimming. All had a marvelous time, and I think Isaac felt pretty special being the center of attention for a change.

Happy birthday, Boo!!


paintermoe said...

I can't believe this is the little baby I used to hold in my arms in sacrament meeting. Happy Birthday Isaac! And the cake looks great!

Andelin said...

I thought the cake looked good, at least from the front. :) "Themed" cakes are always hard. I made a Thomas the Train cake once...well, at least Austin was happy with it. :) Cameron wanted a bus cake once...yeah. We're doing regular cakes from now on. :) We should totally get together soon!