Sunday, May 3, 2009

Filling the Void

Last Sunday I was released from my calling in the Primary presidency.* I have been serving in the Primary, in one capacity or another, for almost four years now. And I've enjoyed (nearly) every minute of it. So this change night require a bit of adjustment.

Suddenly I find myself with no sharing time presentations to prepare. No Cub Scout calls to make. No pack meetings to attend. No last-minute substitutes to find at 7:30 on Sunday morning. No 3-year-olds to quickly usher to the restroom. No trying to come up with original ideas for birthday / Christmas / Mother's Day / Father's Day gifts. No more worrying over a hundred little details every Sunday. No amusing comments from the little ones during Church lessons. No observation of joy and wonder in the childrens' eyes as they listen to stories of Jesus and talk of how He loves them so much. No singing verses of "I am a Child of God" with 60 beautiful little voices. My Tuesday afternoons are now oddly vacant. (Anyone want to come over for cookies and milk?) I will dearly miss working with the amazing women I've gotten to know closely over the last two years. Nothing can bond women together like a calling in Primary.
While I will miss it, change is good. I'm quite happy to let someone else fill this position now and grow and learn as I have. Heavenly Father's timing is always correct. And it is time.

So last Sunday I came home from church at noon with a completely blank afternoon staring at me. What to do? So many options! So much energy, freed from assignments and worry! It was blissful. I baked brownies for a sister I visit-teach. I read Friend magazine stories to my children. I did some Family Search indexing online. I sat in the sunlight pouring in our living room windows and watched my daughter play on the couch cushions. And took photos, of course.

All week long, I discovered pockets of newly available time. I worked in our garden, organized our family photos, gave my dad a ride home from the hospital, took on a new piano student, reorganized our bathroom and a closet, attended a class on cooking with powdered milk, scrapbooked, read Harry Potter to the boys, wrote thank-you notes, chatted with my neighbor in the driveway, watched my children ride their bikes, and even went clothes shopping - by myself. I can hardly wait to see what this week brings! (That Tuesday cookie offer is still open....)

I am determined to put this "extra" time to worthwhile use - take long walks, read to the children more, volunteer for assignments at church and Jacob's school, do more family history work, take up drawing again, organize the pantry, practice the piano a little more, take a road trip to Utah.... The possibilities are endless.

P.S. Today I received a new calling. I am now officially the ward choir accompanist, which I have been unofficially for about two years now. :) And now I'll have the time to practice!

*In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a.k.a. the Mormon Church,) the members are given "callings" - unpaid positions or assignments - to serve in their congregations. (We have no paid clergy.) We neither seek for certain positions nor refuse the callings that are extended to us. Callings are given by inspiration; we consider them to be from the Lord Himself. We believe that fulfilling our callings is one way we actively serve the Lord and build His kingdom. Our calling is a "stewardship" for which we are accountable to God. One might be called to be the bishop of a ward, teach a Sunday School class, help people with family history work, direct service projects, lead music, etc. Callings change from time to time. This gives every member the opportunity to serve in many different capacities, with different groups of people, and to develop many different talents and abilities. It is a wonderful thing to be part of the work and organization of the Church, not just passive observers. As we do our best, the Lord magnifies our efforts and makes great things come out of the humble service of ordinary people.


Steffler Family said...

WOW! Christine Grace is so CUTE! I can't believe how much she has grown. Her hair is long and beautiful! She is a darling little girl! I miss you guys tons!! can't believe you are not in primary anymore! I got put back in as a sunbeam teacher:)

Lara said...

Your missed already, and my children hate Tuesdays now.

You are truley my Sister in Zion, and have seen me through the ups and downs of life with and in Primary.
Thanks for all your service.
Love ya lots,

Andelin said...

Hey! My Tuesday afternoons are free! :)

I was released from primary last October but still find myself there half the time (or so it seems), either substituting or playing the piano. They can't seem to get rid of me! Now that Grant is in nursery, I do actually get to sit through Relief Society once in a while. It's nice.