Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom, Thank You For...

...teaching me to read when I was 2.

...making me yogurt-Cheerio-raisin parfaits for breakfast when I was little.

...taking us kids on road trips to California and Utah.

...letting us feed the ducks at the park for family home evening.

...homeschooling me for two and a half years.

...taking us to church every Sunday by yourself.

...letting me help you with family history.

...taking me to the library every single week (or more.)

...buying a piano and paying for ten years of lessons. (And listening to me practice.)

...going on mother-daughter dates - to your office, TCBY, or the Philharmonic.

...teaching me how to cross-stitch.

...not yelling at me for my continually messy room.

...letting me drive your car when I got my license.

...not being mad at me when that car got totalled.

...teaching me to cook spaghetti, chili, cornbread, and chocolate chip cookies.

...driving me (and all my stuff) down to BYU and moving me into my first apartment.

...sending me money when I needed it. Marty and me half your furniture, your TV, your microwave, and your vacuum cleaner when we got married.

...buying me my first sewing machine when I graduated from college.

...coming to help when each of our children were born.

...letting us live with you for ten months while we completed an internship and looked for a house.

...babysitting so Marty and I can go out - for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day lunches, Stake Conference meetings, or just because.

...coming to church with us many, many weeks to take care of Grace while Marty and I taught classes.

...taking Jacob on special dates.

...trick-or-treating with us on Halloween, because we no longer have enough hands to go around.

...lending me stamp sets and scrapbooking supplies for months on end.

...going clothes shopping with me so I can share your Kohl's coupon.

...holding the baby so I can eat a meal.

...reading dozens of books to the boys every time you come over.

...buying lots of cute baby clothes for Grace.

...sharing your Chapstick and lotion with the children.

...staying with our children for several days so we could trek at Martin's Cove.

...joining us (and bringing food!) for every birthday in the family.

...lending me books to read and movies to watch.

...scrubbing my kitchen sink whenever you come over to babysit.

...and a thousand other things.

Happy Mother's Day!

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