Monday, May 18, 2009

Amazing Grace

A few of her favorite things right now...

This is where I keep finding Grace - out back on the patio, pants down, sitting in a flower pot. Especially if it's not bath day.

She loves to be outside. "I wanna play ou'side" is a request I hear many times a day.

Occasonially she plays quarterback.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but she is completely obsessed with books. She won't go to bed without at least a couple, and we can hear her "reading" to herself in the dark long after bedtime. She also refuses to go anywhere in the car without her stash. I've tried to teach her the concept of "one book" because she gets so frustrated trying to carry six or eight at a time. She will repeat the words with enthusiasm - "one book! ONE book!" - but can't seem to apply them.

She also loves piles. Of anything, but especially - you guessed it - books.

She recently learned to take the covers off our heating vents. (They're installed in the floor.) Now she makes piles inside the ducts. A few days ago Marty went to put a cover back on and found the following stuffed inside: five board books, a flashlight, a toy camera, a bag of crayons, two pencils, and two ping pong balls. I'm guessing this lowers our energy efficiency.

We've reached the two-year-old run away stage, where if I'm not holding her hand, she's gone. She can run a solid quarter mile without stopping. (Mommy can't right now, and Grace knows it.)

She definitely has her two-year-old temperamental moments, but overall she's a happy, determined, carefree little girl.

P.S. I just noticed that in half of these photos, Grace is not wearing pants. That's very typical. Yes, I dress my daughter. But taking off her pants (several times a day) seems to be Grace's chosen way of asserting her independence right now. I do insist that she keep them on in public. :)


paintermoe said...

What a great daughter! And what a great mother you are to let her be herself, pantsless and all!

rachel said...

Ahh the pantless phase! I have to wrestle CC down to get her to keep her pants on...only to have them come off at her first possible convenience. Grace is such a cutie! How are you feeling? I hope you are doing well :)

Andelin said...

Look at the bright side--you can't potty train before they know how to undress, so that's one task mastered...Grant will take his off from time to time, especially if they are loose around the waist. It's easier to push them down than pull them up, I guess.

Monae Curtis said...

She is such a little fireball! I LOVE her personality! Every story you post about her makes me laugh, and smile a lot!