Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthday Mayhem

{I know this is a little late. We've been very busy not sleeping around here.}

In our family, we do "real" birthday parties - meaning the birthday child can invite friends - at ages 8 and 12 (and maybe 16 - we haven't thought that far ahead yet.) So Jacob has been looking forward to this for years.

I don't have time to write a novel (and you don't want to read one,) so in summary: 4 friends, pizza, balloon swordfight, presents, kiddie go-karts, bumper boats - LOTS of times, miniature golf, arcade games, tickets = prizes = candy.

There you have it.

Jacob and Ashlynn in the bumper boats.

The aftermath of the bumper boats. You can't really tell from the photos, but Marty and I are soaking wet. I have to say, Lara, this was mostly Ashlynn's doing. :) She led the others in chanting "Get the grownups! Get the grownups!" And she has really good aim.

Grandma came along to celebrate with Jacob and to help wrangle our youngest two. She made it possible for Marty and me to have fun too. Grace had a wonderful time with her.

Well, that had better last him for the next 4 years!


Lara said...

That's my little Tomboy for you. When I picked her up soaken wet, she looked so much like a boy with long hair. I still can't get that image out of my mind. Oh well, I'm a firm believer in letting children find out who they are themselves (with in limits), and not putting "gender" qualifications on anything (except for the nailpolish on Brennen's toes was too much even for me). Plus it didn't help her clothes were found in the boys section. I WOULD NOT BUY the skimpy clothes they had in the girl sections this summer!!!!
Ash had a blast, thanks for inviting him!!!

Lara said...

The HIM in the above comment was a total accident!!