Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Big Sister

Grace has adjusted really well to being pushed out of the baby spot in our family. She is completely fascinated with the new addition. When we brought him home, she hovered close to examine him.

"He has a mouth too, Mom!" (shocked, as if this was the strangest thing in the world)

"He has eyes too, Mom!"

"He has a nose too, Mom!"

And her favorite, "He has belly butt too, Mom!"

She has taken upon herself the job of chief diaper-fetcher. And she is the first to notice when he needs one. "A stinky ba-by, Mom!!" she announces several times a day.

She also loves to hold him. "I hold it," she demands. Then she stares into his face and says, "Look, he smile, Mom. (giggle) Baby loves Grace."

Perhaps the most telling sign that she is happily settled into her new position as the girl surrounded by male siblings: She now calls everyone simply "Boy." Even Grandma.

To Daddy, she calls "Come here, Boy!" "Eat y'dinner, Boy!" "Sit down, Boy!" To get the full effect, you really must read that with an accent, like "Boy-eee" with a question mark on the end. It is hysterical.

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