Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun Run

Last Saturday, Jacob and Isaac participated in a local 1-mile children's race. Jacob ran it last year, but this was Isaac's first time. Both were very excited.

Front and center, ready to go. (Jacob and his friend Ashlynn had a strategy this year - start in front, stay in front.)

Jacob "trained" for a couple weeks prior to the race. Although personally I think he trains all year long - sometimes I wonder if he knows any other way of getting around besides running. Especially in the house.

We estimate he ran it in about 7 1/2 minutes. He definitely improved on last year's time. Way to go, Jacob!

Isaac ran a good race too. I'm proud of him for doing something outside of his comfort zone.

I asked the boys after the race if they had a good time. Jacob shouted in the affirmative. Isaac said "No, it was too tiring" with a roll of his eyes.


Constance Roscheck said...

That sounds like it was fun. I remember when I was a kid we did the St. Al's Capital Classic. Tell the boys Way to go! See you soon.

Andelin said...

As the page was loading, I was thinking, "oh no, please don't tell me you ran in a race like 3 weeks after giving birth!" (That's just too much pressure for the rest of us in childbearing years!) I was relieved it was just the kids. Way to go Isaac and Jacob!

Christine said...

Andelin - ha ha! I debated even going to watch because it was early in the morning, meaning 5 hours of sleep and no shower!