Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The New Math

We all know that children measure time differently than adults do. I remember when an hour seemed like an awfully long time, and summer vacation was literally forever. My kids live in this stretched-out time warp now. (What?! Dinner is in 30 minutes??!! We're going to starve to death!!!)

Yesterday, Isaac let me in on the secret formula:

"A week is half of a long time, and a day is a half of a quarter."

Thanks for the clarification, Isaac. I will try to plan accordingly.


Constance said...

So funny! That was kind for Isaac to let you in on the secret. :) Love the smiling picture!

Wu Roscheck said...

He makes me laugh. It was nice to visit with Marty. Can't wait til we can come up and see the kids. My how they change. Good thing we have blogs!