Saturday, March 13, 2010

Three is the New Two

Last month, Grace turned three. Or "free," as she calls it. Or five, as she insisted for a few days....

So far she has bucked the trend among my children of age three being worse than the so-called terrible year of two. Yes, Grace definitely has her opinions about things - about everything, actually. But we are making progress at finding a middle ground she and I can both live with. And her communication skills are really blossoming now, which helps tremendously. Now she can explain why she needs to borrow thirty diapers, decorate her dresser with orange crayon, or spend an hour at a time in the bathtub. (When I try to take her out, she begs "Two more minutes, finish up, and one more time.")

Anyway, happy birthday precious girl. Live it up. You're only three once.

Maybe by age four she can learn to use a fork. :)


Wu Roscheck said...

Super cute. I wish we were closer. I miss your kids... And both you and Marty of course.

Andelin said...

That's cute. She must be taking negotiation lessons from Jacob. :) Grant has also become a master at stalling, but he uses his skills at bedtime more that in the bath (he doesn't like washing his hair). :)