Wednesday, October 22, 2008

36 Reasons to Celebrate

Happy birthday, Marty!!! In your honor, here are 36 (completely random number, you know) things I love about you:

I love how you help get the children ready for Church every week, and even pack the diaper bag.

I love how you play Scrabble with me, even though you hate it.

I love how you sneak Grace chocolate chips after dinner because you know I don't approve but you want to see her face light up.

I love how you clean the house and make the kids clean too while I scrapbook on my mornings off.

I love how you get so excited about Twilight Zone reruns.

I love how when I ask you to grate the cheese, you look at it admiringly and say "Great cheese. Great, great cheese."

I love that you plan surprises for my birthday and our anniversary.

I love how you read the same books to Isaac over and over again because he loves them, even though they get really boring after awhile.

I love how you drive almost everywhere we go. Wait, I should rephrase that - I love that you drive, not always how.

I love that you're several inches taller than me and can reach all the items in the kitchen that I can't.

I love how you let Isaac "help" you mow the lawn. And then you give him a Popsicle.

I love how you made it through an intense three years of graduate school - with straight A's and a scholarship!

I love that you read my blog. And say you like it. :)

I love how you work really hard at teaching the gospel to our children.

I love how you enjoy providing for your family. And you do a great job of it so I can stay home with the children.

I love that you're NOT a sports fanatic.

I love that you make amazing omelettes.

I love how you'd much rather spend time with the children than watch TV or "just relax" after work every day.

I love that you are very creative when it comes to inventing things.

I love how you offer to help out in the kitchen when you get home from work.

I love how you don't complain when I bring the camera everywhere we go. And you're so cooperative when I try to take your picture.

I love your dry sense of humor that few people understand but me.

I love how you put on cologne for date nights, even if we're just watching a movie at home.

I love that you can fix anything - cars, toys, furniture - you name it.

I love how last week you said, "Feel free to go out and by yourself a new dress... because the ones you wear now are... um... sort of... out of style."

I love how you let me play the piano for as long as I want to, and never complain about the noise.

I love how you fold your clothes before you put them in the basket to be washed.

I love that you love the mountains and the stars.

I love that you don't want cable or cell phones; you'd rather save the money.

I love your smile.

I love how you won't buy anything that's not backed by Consumer Reports.

I love that you like to be silly with the boys.

I love that you get so excited when Jacob brings home books about cars, airplanes, or submarines from the library.

I love how you give the boys piggy-back rides.

I love how you always know what direction we're driving, because I usually don't have a clue.

I love how you appreciate the simple things in life.

There you have it. There are so many more reasons, but you'll just have to wait until you're older. :) Happy birthday, honey!! Hope it's spectacular. We are so very thankful to have you.
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Monae Curtis said...

That was sweet Christine! You have an amazing husband!!