Thursday, October 2, 2008

What’s in YOUR Washer?

I’m quite accustomed to the usual assortment of coins and rocks that any mother of boys would find in her washer and/or dryer. But it seems that my children are getting more creative lately. In the past two weeks, I’ve retrieved a yellow crayon, two Ziploc bags, a few peanuts, a Chuck E. Cheese token, a googly-eye, and several dozen raisins.

You’d think that with all this stuff the dryer wouldn’t be hungry anymore, but it still eats Grace’s socks.


jadell said...

too funny! Lately, I have found large pieces of school playground bark. Austin loves to bring home the big pieces for his "collection". of course they get washed before they are saved in his treasure drawer. :)


Annette Murray Wells said...

I do find your typical shrapnel in the washer, but my scariest laundry moment was opening the dryer to discover that my 3 year-old decided to use it instead of the toilet. :)