Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Like Monopoly With Cows

We have a fantastic tradition in my family of Sunday dinner/game nights. These are especially fun now that all of my brothers are married so I have sisters! The itinerary is always the same at our house. After dinner, the uncles wrestle with our kids and get them completely wound up so that putting them to bed resembles a circus act. Hey, it's tradition. And I wouldn't change it. With the children safely, if not quietly, tucked into bed, we settle into the family room to begin the friendly rivalry. And there is always dessert. If Kelly makes it, it's mouthwatering and fancy, like last week's chocolate-raspberry cheesecake. If David and Constance make it, it's chocolate chip cookies, for which they are famous and with good reason. If I make it, it's Breyer's ice cream from Walmart. ;) To each his own. Mint chocolate chip tonight.

This week, the game of choice was The Farming Game, a family classic that we've been playing for probably 15 years. It's a lot like Monopoly, except you own a farm and buy things like hay and grain and cherries which cost more money to maintain than you ever make off of them. And there are early frosts and droughts and Mount St. Helens. And just like the past 15 years, Danny won. It's okay though, because we all know in advance that he's going to win (sorry David, but it's true) and he's a really good sport about it.

Best of all, there is always much laughter. Here, my sister-in-law Constance is rocking out to tunes like "Oh Susannah" and "When the Saints Go Marching In" on Grace's piano. Funny how the adults get more entertainment from the kids' toys than the kids do. Kelly and I joined in on "Rockin' Robin." I tell you, it's almost as good as karaoke.

The ever photogenic Danny.

My brother David. Youngest child - can you tell?

David's broker. I think he may be the key to solving the Wall Street crisis.

Yes, my family is awesome. A little peculiar, but awesome.


Wu said...

Reading that makes me totally jealous that we aren't there! Maybe someday Mike and I will live in good old Idaho.

nikki said...

sounds like fun - also makes me miss living close to family! so what is the name of this Cow Monopoly? we might have to check it out :)