Monday, October 27, 2008

The Play by Play

Marty took his birthday off from work and spent a peaceful morning up at the lake with his metal detector, which gave Isaac and me plenty of time to blow up balloons and hang streamers. I relearned something about myself: I can't blow up balloons. (Can't whistle either; Marty thinks that's hilarious.) I tried and tried, but finally had to admit defeat and let Isaac do it. Yes, Isaac blew up all twenty-some balloons. Being the sensitive child that he is, he tried to comfort me, saying "I think it's because I have more air inside of me." Even he struggled with the stubborn little balloons though. We had to get creative and use a bike tire pump.

The stage is set.

After an early lasagna dinner, we drove out to a local corn maze/pumpkin patch where we partied until 9:00, country-style.

The boys took charge of leading us through the short corn maze. Grace took charge of collecting as many corn cobs as her arms could hold.

They had a fantastic petting zoo, complete with zebra and camel. (This explains the camel I saw riding down the road near our home the other day.) They also had a hayride which we rode between activities.

Marty the Great Pumpkin Slinger. He thought this was absolutely awesome. And he was a great shot. He won himself a bag of popcorn.

The boys' favorite: gigantic blow-up slide. They went down this thing dozens of times while they waited for their hot chocolate to cool down.

The three greatest birthday gifts ever.

Marty requested his traditional cherry pie for dessert instead of cake. (I can't imagine choosing fruit over chocolate, but that's Marty for you.) Make a wish.

And there you have it.

The end.

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Kelly said...

Oooo.....That does explain the camel...I love reading your blog, it makes me smile every time. And I can't whistle either:)