Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back to Blogging

Okay, hiatus over. We've been taking the last couple of weeks to recover from the holidays, get organized, and set some new goals for the coming year. Here's a sampling of what we've been up to:

On one of Jacob's days off from school, he and Isaac brought me breakfast in bed. No special occasion, just Friday. They made my bagel the way they like theirs made: "both toasted, one buttered." They must have enjoyed doing this, because the next Monday they brought me a bowl of Rice Krispies (which looked like it had been poured quite a while earlier,) a cookie, and half a quart of milk.

Ah, New Year's goals. My favorite part of January. It took some encouragement and more than a little guidance for the boys to think of some personal goals. When I asked them what they wanted to do this year, the only thing they could think of was "have lots of fun."

Grace is obsessed with books. She reads all day long, and carries piles of books everywhere she goes. Today she said, "Mommy, I read!"

Isaac picked up a cold somewhere, and generously shared it with the rest of us.

What Grace did tonight while I made dinner. When she was finished, she looked down at herself and exclaimed, "Cool!"


Jennifer said...

Wow, you've been busy. I like the family resolutions, I think I'm going to adopt your boys' idea. I'm going to "have more fun" in 2009! And of course I love Gracie artwork!

rachel said...

Wow breakfast in bed and a cookie for breakfast! You are so lucky :) How sweet of them to do that. The marker does look pretty "cool"-yesterday CC colored herself with toothpaste (at least she smelled minty fresh!)

Andelin said...

I love reading your blog! It makes me laugh and cry every time (but I laugh more than I cry). :)