Monday, January 26, 2009

Twice Tagged

This is my official induction into the phenomenon of blog tagging. Thank you Leah and Monae, for my first tags ever (and on the same day, no less.) Here you go:

10 Things I'm Grateful For

1. My Savior, Jesus Christ, and His gospel
2. My wonderful husband, beautiful children, and family near and far
3. Music, specifically the piano - for my mother who bought and refinished an old piano and paid for years and years of lessons, and for remarkable teachers
4. Chocolate (these aren't in any particular order, necessarily...)
5. Experiences that I didn't go looking for, but have made me a much better person
6. Amazing friends from California to Maryland and everywhere in between
7. Motherhood and the privilege to stay at home with my little munchkins
8. College at BYU and the scholarship that made it possible
9. Books, books, books - I got that from my mom, too
10. Running water and indoor bathrooms (not to state the obvious, but...)

Secondly, some husband questions for the sake of family history:

1) Where did you meet your husband?
I first saw him in the foyer of Glenwood apartment building #4 in Provo, but we met at a cabin in Sundance, Utah over the movie "Men in Black."

2) How long did you date before getting married?
Depends on what you call dating - we went on dates for many months, but just as friends. If you count all that, we dated for ten months, and were then engaged for nine weeks.

3) How long have you been married?
Nine and a half years.

4) What does he do that surprises you?
His dry humor always keeps me on my toes. Many people tell me they never know if he's serious or not. I've just about got it figured out.

5) What is your favorite feature of his?
His smile.

6) What is his best quality?
His non-idleness (what word am I looking for?) - he rarely watches TV or movies, and is always playing with the kids, spending time with me, or working on some project

7) Does he have a nickname for you?
We call each other Pookie.

8) What is his favorite food?
Steak, lately. He also likes shrimp, potatoes, and chocolate milk.

9) What is his favorite sport?
I think it's a close contest between soccer and racquetball.

10) When did you first kiss?
February 7, 1999 on a bridge over the Provo River. (Thank goodness for journal-keeping.)

11) What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
We love board games. Lately we've been into playing Ticket to Ride Europe a few times a week. I love going out to dinner, and he likes watching movies at home. We both love to go for walks, too.

12) Do you have any children?
Yes, three, and if you read this blog, you already knew that.

13) Does he have any hidden talents?
He's very mechanically-inclined and can fix just about anything. He also has impeccable handwriting.

14) How old is he?

15) What is his favorite music?
Classical Music for People Who Don't Like Classical Music
I've been trying to convert him to musicals for several years, but it's not working.

16) What do you admire about him?
His work ethic, forgiving nature, and intense desire to do the right thing.

17) What is his favorite color?
I'm not sure, and neither is he.

18) Will he read this?
Yes, eventually.

19) Who said "I love you" first?
I did, but he said he was planning to and I just beat him to it.

20) Who do you tag?
Rachel, Chantal, and Brittany


Jennifer said...

how fun! I love to read about people's lives--i think tags are great!

rachel said...

This was really fun to read. Am I the Rachel in this tag cuz I would totally love to do it :) I am so glad you recorded the first kiss in your journal...I am going to have to dig mine out! Welcome to the world of tags...Pookie :D (love it)

paintermoe said...

This is fun! Ok, I don't know how to respond to a tag, so I posted my responses on my facebook page. I'm still learning!

rachel said...

I have my post ready and was going to link you, but would you rather I didn't? I wanted to ask you cuz there might be a few people who click over this way if I do.

Wu said...

This was so cute to read. Pookie eh? I like it. So how does the whole tag thing work so I know what I need to do. This might actually get me to post more. Miss the kids. Hope everyone is doing well.