Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How I Spent My Christmas Break

Well, I'll tell you one thing - the word "break" most certainly does not apply when you're the parent. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable two weeks of not getting up at 7:00 a.m. And this is what I have to show for it:

I condensed heaven into a 9x13 pan and ate a good portion of it myself.

I successfully defended my territory from a fleet of warships. Not to mention the previously-posted tank.

I watched Jacob morph into a geologist.

I shoveled the driveway every day. All of this snow is saving me a fortune in gym membership costs.

I played Xeko ("Pokemon with a purpose") with Jacob and helped to preserve the delicate ecosystem of Indonesia. {Yes, this is his normal expression.}

I fed several hundred neighborhood birds (okay, our crabapple trees did).

I introduced the boys to Anne of Green Gables. Because you are never too young to learn valuable life lessons like don't make fun of a girl's hair color. You might end up marrying her when you grow up.

Now I'm ready for a vacation....


rachel said...

Did Santa compare notes at our houses? Conner got Battleship and the Woolly Mammoth dig site thingy (is that what it is?) And yes, learning never to call a red head carrots is always a good thing!! Glad you had a nice "break!" haha

Jennifer said...

That was fun. You must be exhausted! I mean, active battling and creating heaven all in the same week! I love Anne of green gables. I hope now that school's back in session you can get your break.