Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jacob's Version

This is the report Jacob wrote at school about his Christmas break:

I liket brak. I got a now bascitball from santa. I like to play Xeko. I palyed ticit to ride with my ants and ungkls. I olsw played batlship. I went sleding. I palyed velcrow cach.

I love to hear his perspective on things.

P.S. Jacob has been stumping me with questions lately (okay, not just lately.) This week at dinner he wanted to know what the third law of motion was. "The first one is gravity...the second one is force...I can't remember the third one, Mom." Neither could I. The only time I ever think about Newton is when the word Fig is in front of it. He was also curious about whether Canada has a king or a president. (This question came up in the car, of course - where's Google when you need it?) I knew enough to include the words "democracy" and "prime minister" and "something about the Queen of England" in my explanation, but I had to ask my Canadian neighbor for more details, as Jacob wasn't satisfied with my answer.


rachel said...

Holy Cow! If we ever got our boys together...they might just take over the world. Until then I will gladly remember I'm not the only one brushing up on my knowledge of EVERYTHING :)

Wu said...

So I guess a college degree doesn't really prepare you to be a Mom! I wouldn't know what to say to those questions either. I love that Jacob is always asking questions though!

nikki said...

I want to know what velcrow cach is? sound interesting.

Christine said...

"Velcro catch" is played with two velcro-covered round paddles, and a tennis-like ball that sticks to them. It was a Christmas gift.

nikki said...

oh - I understand, we have one of those, never knew what it was called.