Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amusing Grace

A few humorous/heartwarming moments brought to you by Grace:

*We very much enjoyed the LDS General Conference earlier this month. The kids behaved very well, and we actually got to watch all four sessions. Grace turned to me after Elder Holland's talk and said, " 'At was a good story, Mom. 'At's a good story." It was the only comment she made during the whole conference. Even a 2-year-old could appreciate the power of that talk.

*During the second session of said Conference, we participated in the sustaining of our Church leaders. Grace wouldn't raise her own hand, but she did raise Tickle-Me-Elmo's.

*Grace LOVES to pray. She often says the blessing over dinner. (Yes, Grace says grace. Ha ha.) Every time it was her turn, she would look at me and say solemnly, "A chocolate cheeses, Mom." What? I couldn't figure it out, and finally concluded that she was voicing her wish for the dinner menu.

This went on for weeks. Every time: "A chocolate cheeses, Mom." Yesterday it dawned on me.

"I talk to Jesus, Mom."

*Grace is very concerned/perplexed by the baby monitor we keep on our kitchen counter. She thinks the baby is IN the monitor. Whenever he cries, she runs to the speaker and yells desperately, "Uh-oh, a baby, Mom!!" as if she expects me to rescue him from the depths of the appliance.

Yesterday, Grace discovered the other half of the monitor in my bedroom where Abram sleeps. "Another baby, Mom!" she exclaimed. I taught her the word "speaker" and tried to explain the concept on her level. ("See, there's the baby, and there's the speaker.")

A little later... "Look, Mom - it's the spirit! Spirit upstairs, spirit downstairs!" Feel free to come up with your own Sunday School analogy.

*Grace continues to learn new Primary songs, and sings them continuously. The boys think this is very entertaining because she makes a few predictable "alterations":

from I Am a Child of God: "...and so my needs are grapes."

from I Love to See the Temple: "I'll prepare myself while I am yum..."

*I took Grace to the doctor last week for a flu shot. The nurse put a little round bandaid on her thigh, with the customary princess sticker on top. All day long, Grace admired that sticker-bandaid. She was very upset when we finally had to take it off. Yesterday she found her Thomas the Train sticker book, peeled off a dozen large round stickers...and stuffed them down her pants.

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Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I think your Grace and my Natalie would be great friends. Thanks for your kind comment at my blog. Nice to "meet" you. :)