Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Things I Really Don't Enjoy

{Based on a true story}

Getting up at 1:30 a.m. And 4:30. And 6:30.

Dinosaur Train.

Grocery shopping with three children age 5 and under.

20 mph school zones with a screaming toddler kicking the back of my seat.

The way the kids use a whole bottle of shampoo in a total of three showers.

The words "He kicked/pushed/bit/ran over me first!!"

Mysterious wet spots on the carpet.

The entire hour before dinner every day. Nothing good ever seems to happen during that hour.

Things I Really Do Enjoy:



rachel said...

The hour before dinner time we call the "witching" hour and not just in honor of Halloween...it seems to last until bedtime.

paintermoe said...

I love knowing that even seemingly perfect people (like you) have troubles like the rest of us. My favorite is the 'mysterious wet spots on the carpet.' Still laughing over that one :)

Andelin said...

I second that!!! :)

Wu Roscheck said...

I think my favorite is "Mysterious wet spots on the carpet." Working in the nursery I am starting to appreciate that a little more.

Davies Family said...
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Davies Family said...

You just described my life! This part will get easier someday - I hope!