Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth of July Wiikend

We celebrated the Fourth in true American style with a family barbecue at Uncle Danny's house, fireworks in the street, and...

...some Mario Kart action on the Wii.

Danny grilled his famous Hawaiian burgers, Kelly made an awesome patriotic cake, Marty got a hole in one playing Wii golf, Mom and I learned how to play Mexican Train, and Jacob managed to captivate an audience with a game of animal charades. (No cat or dog for him - he acted out "humpback whale" and "amphibian.")

The boys tolerated the fireworks fairly well, especially Jacob who is finally into noise this year. In between every firework, there was a chorus of "Is THAT one loud??" (Danny and Marty went to great lengths to buy "quiet" fireworks.) Thanks, everyone! We are very thankful to live close to family and be able to get together so often.

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