Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Makes You Happy?

Our Family Home Evening topic this week was "joy." (Family Home Evening is a special time we set aside every Monday night to study the gospel in our home, to learn together and play together, and build faith and unity in our family.) As part of the lesson, I asked each family member to list three things that make him/her happy.

What makes Jacob happy:
1. motorcycles
2. airplanes
3. turtles
(I have no idea what the train of thought was there.)

What makes Isaac happy:
1. my family
2. floating boats (see previous post)
3. our trip to Utah (which he talks about on a weekly basis, even though it was 3 months ago)

What makes Grace happy:
1. reading books
2. kitties
3. chocolate chips (uh-oh, she is her mother's child)

What makes Mommy happy:
1. music
2. being with my family
3. developing talents

What makes Daddy happy:
1. sunny days
2. playing with my children
3. good food

A nice snapshot of what our life is about right now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Christine! I just want you to know I think this is fabulous! You tell great stories, and the blog makes it a lot easier for Grandma to share with her friends all the delights of grandma-hood. Love you lots... Mom