Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Precious Ordinary Day

Just hanging out with Grandpa on a Monday afternoon.

Grace, meet Jason (the bird).

Jacob conquers the monkey bars for the first time.

Good luck, Dad. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today.


Sheree & Ty said...

Wow! How are you? Your kids are beautiful! Are you here in SLC or Idaho these days? I see Christy all of the time. She is great and has three boys. Brig, just had her first baby, a girl. Debbie has FOUR! She is a busy girl. Hope you are well, you have a beautiful family. Thank you for leaving your comment. It's fun to catch up with you!

Christy said...

Holy Smokes....has is really been what, 11 years?! Sheree just called me and told me you'd been found! Your kids are darling! We must all get together and catchup! If you look at my blog you'll never know it's me because I realized that their is not one picture of me...just my kids! Please be in touch!