Monday, August 4, 2008


Our wonderful neighbor invited us to join him and some of our ward members for a day of tubing up at the lake last Thursday. This was the kids' first time on a boat, and boy did they have a good time! I'll never forget the pitch of Isaac's giggle when the boat started to move.

After a fearless demonstration by Marty, Jacob reluctantly agreed to try out the "Bonzai" - but only really slowly, and sitting on Daddy's lap. It took him about 30 seconds before he wanted to speed up, and after that, it was tough to get him off of the thing. Next it was Isaac's and my turn, and I was impressed by how quickly he warmed up to the ride and also begged to go faster. There's nothing like trying new experiences together to build up the boys' confidence. (Incidentally, Grace was the only one who wasn't particularly thrilled about the boat ride, mainly because she was confined to a life jacket. She did enjoy waving to Daddy out on the tube, though.)

The rest of the day was one of those perfect, lazy summer afternoons where the kids played in the sand and swam in the lake, and Marty and I splashed the kids, visited with friends, and thought: "We are so blessed to have days like this."

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