Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Don't Usually Like Surprises, But...

Marty planned an incredible surprise for our anniversary this year, which we celebrated last weekend - a few days early. He booked a suite at the same hotel (and even on the same floor!) that we stayed in the first night of our honeymoon. We had a fancy dinner - the kind where you can't pronounce most of the menu - at the restaurant there, and enjoyed a peaceful evening of (uninterrupted!) conversation sitting on the terrace and watching the stars come out. (Thank you to Grandma for babysitting our little monkeys!) What a wonderful way to celebrate and re-live our special day. My girlfriends are now asking for Marty to give their husbands lessons! :)

This is Marty in our room, relaxing with his glass of Pepsi.

Hands down, the best French toast I've ever had. And the first time in our lives that we've ordered room service, I think.

The gorgeous view from the 13th floor.

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nikki said...

great job Marty! aren't husbands awesome!