Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Fair to Remember

A favorite family tradition. Every August we spend a day (sometimes two) at the Fair. When I was a little girl, I used to show llamas for 4-H at this same fair. Now it is a joy to take my own kids to experience the things one can only see and do at a place like this.

As you can see, Grace loves animals. Enough to get up close and personal with a cow whose head is as big as she is.

I believe this is Grace's first encounter with livestock of any kind. She referred to every animal as "kitty". (This was particularly funny when she was pointing at a giant bull with long horns.)

The boys endured hours of walking, watching shows like Splash Dogs and 4x4 rock climbing, eating pronto pups and pizza, and looking at "boring" photography with mom and dad, just to get to this point. The Rides. In their minds, this is the reason the fair was invented in the first place. (And judging by how much they charge these days, they might be right.)

The boys were allowed to choose two rides each. Isaac picked a helicopter and a fun house. Jacob weighed all of his options (for upwards of an hour) and finally settled on a caterpillar roller coaster and the swing carousel. Luckily, he found a friend from our ward to ride with him.

Even Grace (who didn't ride any rides) quickly learned the correct procedure, hands in the air, squealing "whooooooo" periodically.

We finished off the evening with a famous Ice Cream Potato - vanilla ice cream shaped exactly like a spud, coated in cocoa powder for a skin, and topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and crushed Oreos. The "potatoes" are seriously so realistic that Jacob refused to try it for quite a while. Only in Idaho.

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