Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just Call Him Edison

This is very typical of Jacob right now. Always working on a new invention. This time he built a waterpark in our backyard, complete with diving board and waterfall. He is so clever and resourceful. (Sometimes a little too clever. He tried to get Marty and me to pay him $10 an hour to use the waterpark. We explained to him the concept of overhead and utilities.)

The day before, he had created Hawaii, including palm trees, surfboards, and pineapple. Now he is building some atomic bombs out of Tinker Toys. We tried very hard to talk him out of this one, reiterating the awful consequences of World War II, but it must be a boy thing - he will not be swayed.

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Wu said...

And what a cute boy Jacob is! I love to hear about their adventures. Someday he will grow up to be a great scientist.