Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Holy Place

Last week we took a little road trip to go through the new Twin Falls temple. My mom came with us, and we met my sister-in-law Constance and her mom there. What a beautiful, peaceful place! Mom and I liked how the architecture, both inside and out, incorporates scenes from the surrounding landscape, particularly the gorgeous canyon walls.

We met in the church next door, watched a brief video about ancient and modern-day temples, and then took a 30-minute tour of the temple itself. (When LDS temples are completed, they are open to the public for a few weeks before they are dedicated to the Lord.) We were so excited for the children to get to see the inside of this sacred building. The last temple open house we went to was Nauvoo, when Jacob was only 8 months old, so he obviously doesn't remember it.

The children were extremely respectful and quiet inside the temple; I think even Grace could sense that this was a sacred place. Jacob said his favorite part was the celestial room, which is symbolic of heaven. It was very special to be there all together as a family.

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Andelin said...

Oooh, I'm going to have to steal your picture...I forgot my camera the day we went! Argh! It was beautiful. I tried to get Monte to take us to the falls, but we didn't go. :( Maybe next time! Isn't it great going with your WHOLE family? :)