Thursday, July 10, 2008

Swim and Sun

This is what summer is all about - 95 degrees, sunscreen, and a lot of water. Since work is really slow, Marty took the day off yesterday, and we headed to the local pool. It's very toddler-friendly, with a sloped walk-in entry, and lots of giant pool toys and fountains. Jacob has gotten brave and spends most of his time in the "deep" end (3 1/2 feet) jumping off the side and practicing his crawl. Isaac swims in the shallows with his hands touching the ground, and likes to shoot people with the elephant-shaped squirt gun. Grace just runs laps around the outside of the pool and practices her entry. Funny girl. She is fascinated by the fountains and tries to pick them up.

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Monae Curtis said...

Yay for blogs!! I find it a lot easier to keep my family and friends updated this way. Your kids are stinkin cute!!!

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