Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wet 'n Wild

This week we renewed our status as Idahoans by attending the annual rodeo. Favorite events this year included bareback bronc riding, tie down roping, and as always, the bull riding. The boys' favorite part was the clown act "when the ambulance tipped over and made a firework." That and the cotton candy.

I like reading the names of the bulls on the program. Really, who wouldn't like to have a pet named "Extremely Flammable"?

On Thursday, the boys got their first water park experience. They went nuts with all the fun attractions there. Jacob and Marty loved the wave pool (reminds Marty of the ocean,) and Isaac monopolized the dolphin slide. Both boys enjoyed the numerous child-size inner tubes, riding them like bumper cars. Jacob and I bravely took on one of the "big kid" (read: scary) rides, in which one shoots through a pitch-black tube in a five-person round raft, going who-knows-how-many miles per hour, and ends up four stories lower than where one started. It was a memorable experience. My favorite part of the afternoon was the dinner conversation as we sat around a sunny table eating pizza.

Jacob: I want to try that ride over there. (Even scarier than the one I just described.)

Mom: I think that one might be a bit scary.

Jacob: I know, but I won't get freaked out because I'm only part human.

Mom: Oh really, what else are you?

Jacob: My other parts are a secret.

Mom (thinking): Hmmm... I wonder which side of the family he got these "other parts" from.

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Monae Curtis said...

I just have to say I am jealous! I love rodeos and just got too busy!!!! I am glad you got to go! Your kids are stinkin cute.... I love their personality!!!